Must-Have Qualities of a Great Roofer


Hiring a roofer is something every homeowner must do at least once in their lives. The fact that the roof of the house is the most exposed of all of its components, it’s common to have roofing issues from time to time. Aside from minor leaks and cracks in the shingles, there are some problems that need the skills, experience, and expertise of a professional McKinney roofing company. But because there are literally hundreds of roofing contractors out there, it can be a bit overwhelming to distinguish the best one from the rest.

In order to serve as you guide in your search for a roofer at here, here are the must-have qualities you ought to look for in them.

1 – A great roofer always comes equipped with insurance coverage. This right here is primarily liability insurance in case an accident causing an injury or damage to property happens during the course of the project, be it roofing repair, installation, replacement, or simply an inspection. It’s never a great idea to hire a roofing company that doesn’t have insurance because any loss or damage to property as well as injury to anyone will most likely be incurred by the homeowner, and that’s you!

2 – A reliable and well-established roofer has a permanent office address or headquarters. So if you happen to be talking to someone who considers his van or truck as his mobile office, that right there is a red flag. A permanent business address should also come with a legitimate phone number as well as a tax identification number. Learn more about roofers at

3 – Furthermore, a great roofer must provide a work guarantee. This is your best proof that the quality of services they offer is high. Someone who refuses to give both work and material warranties is someone who has something to hide or isn’t confident of the job they’re supposed to be doing with utmost quality.

4 – Licensing is a requirement for every roofer out there, regardless of the state or city you happen to be residing. Every state in the U.S. requires roofing contractors to secure permits and get licensed before they can operate as a legitimate business. Anyone who can’t show proof of licensing is nothing but a fly-by-night type of contractor.

5 – Finally, the best roofing contractor has a good personality and communication skills. This is one trait that many homeowners forget about when hiring a roofer, only to realize that the group of guys they commissioned to fix their roof are literally non-professionals in terms of handling and communicating with clients. The best roofer on the other hand values good communication, transparency, and full disclosure.